Current Properties

Below are our Current Properties in the Greater New York Area.

Current Properties

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Bronx Properties

East 169th Street7
Grand Avenue79
West Kingsbridge Road37
Heath Avenue119
East 167th Street31
East 203rd Street44
Walton Avenue56
Evelyn Place30
East 184th Street21
Andrews Avenue48
Tiebout Avenue73
Gerard Avenue41
Valentine Avenue39
Summit Avenue26
Webb Avenue58
Marmion Avenue31
East 138th Street155
Brook Avenue199
E 138th Street & E 139th Street230
Southern Boulevard20
Third Avenue13
Marmion Avenue26
Webb Avenue43
Mohegan Avenue26
Franklin Avenue21
Webster Avenue8
East 178 Street49
White Plains Road32
Sedgwick Avenue96
Cauldwell Avenue84
Davidson Avenue51
East 181 Street28

Brooklyn Properties

46th Street51
Parkside Avenue38
Lincoln Place54
East 16th Street46
Clarendon Road16
Flatbush Avenue19
Colombia Street15
St Marks Avenue16
Nostrand Avenue22
Bedford Avenue13
Sackman Street38
Fulton Street14
Sumpter Street21
Greene Avenue41
Riverdale Avenue46
Linden Boulevard40
Pennsylvania Avenue20
East 56th Street47

Manhattan Properties

West 140th Street92
West 214th Street21
East 109th Street15
East 103rd Street60
West 143rd Street11
West 146th Street87
West 147th Street31
West 129th Street40
West 141st Street31
West 144th Street16
Adam Clayton Powell Blvd20
East 126th Street70
West 129th Street59
Wadsworth Terrace32
West 149th Street107

Staten Island Properties

Harbor Court I & II86
Harbor Manor28
Nicholas Manor44
Tompkins Court108

New Jersey Properties

Walnut Villa, Vineland100
East Park Apts, Vineland42
NJ Sharpstone, Elizabeth41
Delsea Gardens, Millville100

New York Properties

Verona Village, Ovid46
Standart Woods, Auburn330

Connecticut Properties

Bridgeport Towers, Bridgeport252

West Virginia Properties

Barrington North, Bon Vista, Villas I & Villas II – Morgantown409

Georgia Properties

Sandpiper Apartments, Warner Robins530(Asset Management)
Park Place, St Mary’s200

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