Management Team

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Management Team

Our staff of professionals are experienced in all areas of real estate management.


Izzy Kirzner, President and sole owner of the firm has over thirty years experience in the field of real estate management covering the four boroughs in which the company is currently focusing its efforts, in addition to New Jersey and Connecticut.

He is a licensed N.Y.S. Real Estate Broker and Notary Public. He has trained his property managers and back-office staff to the highest level quality management.

Every building under management is personally subjected to a thorough monthly review by Mr. Kirzner. Vacancies, repair activity, and other expenditures are treated to an exhaustive analysis. Furthermore, the President personally does an inspection of each building to ensure that standards are being maintained and that no unreported problems exist.


Lou Schwimmer C.F.O./Office Manager
Jessica Miranda Assistant Office Manager
Giniva Rivera Accounts Receivable
Janice Lucret Accounts Payable
Monique Contreras Accounts Payable
Roi Zehavi Controller


June Taylor People Helpers (ECB Hearings)
Stuart Jacobs Esq. L&T Actions
Lissette Montalban L&T Tracking
Novick Edelstein L&T Actions


Miriam Kirzner Municipal Agencies Liaison
Jackie Trinidad Tenant Relations
Carmen Virella Tenant Relations
Heidi Talavera Tenant Relations
Noemi Martinez Violation Removal Specialist

Property Administration

Michael Davidowitz Senior Property Manager
Daniel Kirzner Senior Property Manager
Ariel Berko Regional Property Manager
Benjamin Schwadel Regional Property Manager
Daniel Caller Property Manager
Yossi Kirzner Property Manager
David Greenwald Property Manager
Janitza Jimenez Property Manager
Robin Gregg Site Manager
Ari Rubenfeld HUD/LIHTC Compliance Supervisor
Myra Campos HUD Recerts/Site Manager
Shirlita Calloway HUD Recerts/Site Manager
Gricelda Aranda HUD Recerts/Site Manager
Rosaury Duarte Nunez LIHTC Recerts
Judie Villnave Site Manager
Donna Sherwood Site Manager
Veronica Telles Site Manager

Computer Operations

Shlomo Carlebach Compunet
Adam Friedberg MDS

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