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Our Polices and Procedures were designed based on our experience and expertise in efficiently managing our properties.  Well-developed polices and procedures are how we assure good service across every property and project.

Hands on Management

Property managers visit each building in addition to being on 24 hour call in case of emergency. Repair and other expenses are made to yield maximum value at minimum cost. To this end, the property managers:

  • Supervise all purchases personally.

  • Deal with vendors directly, in order to obtain the best service at the best price.

  • Supervise all repair work, with regular follow-up to assure quality of workmanship.

  • Consistently monitor and test all major building systems to keep them running at peak efficiency.

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Timely Problem Solving

No problem is left to fester and cause expense later. Successful property management depends upon timely attention to all problems. We have learned from experience that every day brings new problems and that they can quickly mount upon and multiply unless they are dealt with immediately.

“There is no problem that can not be solved.” Solving problems does not mean throwing money at them. We always look for the most cost-effective solution, but one way or the other every problem must be brought under control.

External Appearance

We believe that our attention to the buildings inner workings should be reflected in its external appearance. Sharp prides itself on its standards of cleanliness and polish.

The owner need never fear that a snap inspection by an insurance company, bank or government authority will reveal anything less than a property in top condition.


Follow-up to all problems so that potential trouble spots are not overlooked or bypassed.

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All back-office operations are highly organized and governed by rigid procedures. The staff knows what is expected of them and does not allow potential things to fall through the cracks or to be neglected.


The company and its staff are completely committed to property management. The energies of the firm are not diverted by other activities such as brokerage, sales or investments.

Special Attention to Vacancies

As soon as an apartment becomes vacant, it is immediately renovated and placed on the rental market.

Tenant Relations

The company’s low vacancy rate and high rent collections depend upon resident good will and confidence. This is achieved by a high level of response to building problems and tenant concerns. Tenants are made to realize that paying rent is a priority.

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Accurate Record Keeping

All money going in and out of building accounts is carefully and accurately recorded and checked.

Municipal Authorities

Sharp Management is well aware of the politics of property ownership. Accordingly, we cultivate cordial relations with such agencies as HPD, DHCR, and the NYC Building Department. In addition to this cosmetic function, we back up our image with substance. Code violations are handled properly and preventive maintenance avoids recurring problems. All necessary rent registrations, permits and licenses are filed on time and all local laws and ordinances are strictly complied with.


Each property is managed as a whole. Rent collections cannot be separated from maintenance and repair. The agents are trained to avoid mixed signals and failures of communications.

Control of Expenditures

A purchase order system is used to ensure accountability and tight control over expenditures. All expenditures for supplies and labor are closely reviewed and are directly related to the improvement and service performed. All bills are checked for accuracy and copies are submitted to the owner monthly.


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