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A Full Range of Services
Among the standard services provided to property owners are rent collections, bookkeeping, bill paying, monthly I & E reporting, court appearances, violation removal, and employee supervision. All back-office operations are fully computerized.

Custom Reports to Owners

Due to its highly computerized and efficient back office operation, the company is able to provide a wide range of financial and managerial reports to the owner:


  • Rent Roll Report

  • Vacancy Report

  • Income and Expense Report

  • Open Bills Report

  • Cash Receipts Report

  • Legal Status Report

  • Custom Reports for Owner’s Specific Needs

Section 8 & S.C.R.I.E.S
Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption

We are on a first name relationship with many of the Section 8 caseworkers. We keep the apartments in good order to ensure that they keep their Section 8 status.

All rent increases, such as lease renewal or MCI (Major Capital Improvement) increases are constantly updated and remain current.

HPD Violations

We quarterly apply for a HPD (Housing Preservation and Development) violation dismissal request on any building with a high violation count.


Supervision of Real Estate Taxes

Payables, negotiating and appealing assessments where possible.

Supervision of insurance

To assure property coverage at lowest rates, bids are obtained from all interested insurance companies.

All Building Employees

Including Resident Manager, Superintendent, Assistant Maintenance Personnel, and Security Staff are hired under the direct supervision of the Property Manager. Personnel salaries are carefully controlled, in line with budgetary requirements.

Utility Costs

Including fuel, electricity, water, sewer and telephone are continuously checked to insure efficient use at controllable savings. Rates and meters are checked.

Contracted Services

Including extermination, trash & snow removal, elevator service, heating plant maintenance, plumbing, roof and electrical maintenance are put out on a competitive bid basis, whenever possible to ensure lowest costs. Preventative maintenance schedules are instituted.


Are purchased at discounts. Inventories of same are taken on a regular basis and carefully supervised.


Both preventive and corrective is focused on maintaining economic use of all parts and properties of the building for the longest possible time including the common areas, landscaping, walkways, parking lot and halls.


All Environmental Control Board sanitation violations are submitted to an attorney to ensure that either the violations are dismissed or the minimal penalty is applied.


  • Practical, acceptable, and reasonable Tenant Building Rules are formulated, distributed, and enforced.

  • Vacancy Inspection, cleaning and repair.

  • Rent Collections and policies for late payments, evictions, etc., with associated record keeping are set up and controlled.

  • Apartment-by-apartment service and repair requests are logged so that habitual problems or problem tenants are controlled.

  • Bill Payments are doubled checked. No bill is paid unless accompanied by a work order or purchase order showing the scope of work, and approval by the job supervisor. Controls are very stringent; all discounts are passed through to the owners.

  • Maintenance of Security Accounts are per state law.

  • Budgetary Control, Mortgage payment and coordination of mortgage requirements.

  • Preparation of regular Monthly Statements for owners and filing of obligatory State and Federal forms.


When notices of emergency repairs are received, we request copies of the actual bills and investigate each item individually to determine if there is any basis to dispute them.

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